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If we don’t have a Guitar Gear Organizer listed that want you can have one made to order and choose the style and type of wood you want. The pictures shown are only for demonstration. the actual organizer we make for you will vary slightly. All styles and types of wood are finished clear with no stains or dyes. All of our organizers are sealed with a poly topcoat for years of durability

10 Day turn around time from the moment of purchase. We will ship your Guitar Gear Organizer in 10 days but in most cases it is much faster.



This Guitar Gear Organizer beautifully displays 2 guitars side by side. With 2 Ohuhu™ brand hangers , a decorative hook to hang your guitar cord, a pick dispenser and a strap pin, this organizer keeps all of your gear ready to play and easy to store. an added advantage is that it keeps your playing area free from clutter not to mention having a unique piece of art holding all of your gear; we are the only ones who make the Original Guitar Gear Organizers with the easy mounting system. A lot of people who buy these are so satisfied they buy another one ! Because who has only two guitars ?

Ohuhu™ brand hangers are excellent for hanging guitars with irregular headstocks (like Telecasters) because they securely adjust to the shape.

Designed this out of necessity for my gear when I didn’t have a lot of space. It is so efficient that you will actually play more because everything is so easy to access and to put away. Just grab one of your guitars from the hanger, strap up and plug and you are ready to jam. Slide a pick out of the handy pick dispenser and you are all set. When you are finished everything goes back up on the wall and out of the way in a minute, not to mention beautifully displayed.

Designed with an easy mounting system that just takes a couple of minutes to install. Find a stud and pre-drill two holes and use the screws provided. Then the Guitar Gear Organizer slides over the mounting block and easily secures it with the two set screws provided.

We also accept custom orders so let me know what you have in mind and I will give you a quote. We build Amazing things “using your imagination” Contact us at 

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Les Paul, Stratocaster, Telecaster

Type of Wood

Barn wood, Mahogany, Poplar


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