Beautiful Solid Padauk Dresser Valet Tray ~ Great Gift Idea


This elegant valet box is the perfect gift for any Man or Woman in your life that loves to be organized. It is constructed with Solid Padauk and we have lined the bottom of the tray with a soft top grain leather to cushion your valuable possessions

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We have taken these materials and crafted them into an elegant dresser valet that is as useful as it is refined. Using miter construction for the corners and dado construction for the bottom this piece is made to be heirloom quality and last for many generations. It is beautiful and constructed with the same care and attention to detail that is hard to find these days at this kind of price. The finish is hand rubbed Tung oil with a poly topcoat and the floor has an attractive leather lining . There are no dyes or stains used on this valet and everything you see is natural.

Padauk grows in tropical climates, although the geography changes from rain forest to dry, nearly treeless plains with each species. You’ll find padauk in India, Indochina, the South Pacific, West Africa.

King Solomon, known for his wisdom in governing the Israelites during the 10th century B.C., must have really known his wood, too. He chose padauk for the pillars of his temple.

French Kings Louis XV and Louis XVI were separated from Solomon by thousands of years. Yet, these 17th-century rulers also favored padauk. With it, royal woodworkers crafted kingly cups and chalices. Because water placed in these vessels turned yellow, royalty believed the “potion” had medicinal properties.

A century later, the colorful wood of Solomon and the Louis attracted even wider acclaim. As a veneer named amboyna, padauk was featured in Empire-style furniture.

Outside Dimensions: 9 3/4″ x 6 3/4″ x 2″

“The contents shown are for demonstration only and are not included”

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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 15 x 12 x 6 in


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