Beautiful Canarywood Keepsake Box with Primavera Top


Beautiful Handcrafted Heirloom Quality


This beautiful Keepsake box was handcrafted from Canarywood that features stunning grain and color and has a beautiful Primavera Wood top that displays a beautiful fiddle-back figure. This box is built using Miter and Dado construction and is the way an heirloom quality piece should be. The colors you see are all natural with no dyes or stain. It has a Hand Rubbed Tung Oil Finish with a poly topcoat for years of durability. Inside the bottom is lined with soft top grain leather so your precious keepsakes have something soft to rest on.

It will provide space for all your jewelry pieces and its timeless design will look good wherever you put it. There are so many uses for a box like this from keeping special memories to just having a beautiful attraction to adorn your desk.  All of our products are handcrafted using no CNC or modern cookie cutter type equipment and are crafted by a true artisan not a machine in China. This piece is truly breathtaking and the pictures do not show how beautiful it is.


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